3 Essential Oils to Combat the Flu

3 Essential Oils To Combat The Flu

There seems to be a small outbreak of the flu every year. When it comes to the lives we live today, there is no time to be sick. For me, it seems that it always come at the worst possible time.

Nature always seems to produce the best natural remedies, and in this post I want to show you 3 essential oils that can help combat the flu.


Lemon is a very versatile oil. From its wonderful fragrance, to its powerful cleansing properties. This is a must among the three.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Tea tree oil is great for disinfecting and antibacterial properties. It’s no wonder it is included.


Oregano is a very powerful oil and should be used in moderation. It is very beneficial to the immune system.
For best results, take a few drops each of these oils either in a capsule or place the drops in a cup of water to dilute them. Even if you aren’t sick, but are only afraid to catch the yearly bug, be sure to use this as a preventative measure.

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