History of Essential Oils

history-of-essential-oilsFor many centuries essential oils and other aromatics were use for religious rituals, the treatment of illness, and other physical and spiritual needs.

Records dating back to 4500 B.C. Described the use of aromatics and balsamics for medical and religious applications. It is evident that people of ancient times had abetter understanding of essential oils than we do today. Ancient Egyptian Kings Djoser and Imhotep were given credit for starting the use of oils,herbs and aromatic plants for medical purposes.


The Romans purified there Temples and political building by diffusing essential oils. They also used aromatics in there steam baths to both invigorate the flesh and ward off disease. The Bible records that Moses ordered Aaron to take a cencer,add burning coals and incense and go into the congregation, “The Bible records that Aaron stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was staved off.”

China and India

At the same time the Chinese also made use of herbs and aromatic plants and this was also taken up as an integral part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicinal system.

The Rediscovery

Modern day usage of essential oil usage was defined in France in 1928 by the French Chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. Amazingly, it was by some accident that Gattefosse “re-discovered” the powerful and  natural effects of what we today commonly call essential oils.The reintroduction of essential oils into modern medicine first began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During World War 1 the use of aromatic essences in civilian and military hospitals become wide spread. One physician in France, Dr. Monciere, used essential oils extensively for there anti- bacterial and wound healing and developed several kinds of aromatic ointments.

Modern usages

Today, it has become evident that we have not yet found permanent solutions for dreaded diseases such as the Ebola virus, Hantavirus, AIDS, HIV, and new strains of Tuberculosis and Influenza. Essential Oils may assume an increasingly important role in combating new mutations of bacteria,viruses, and fungi. More and more researchers are undertaking serious clinical studies on the use of essential oils to combat these types of diseases

Essential oil history is just that – History!
Essential oils are back!

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