Our Guarantee

Certified Bare Truth

This is out guarantee that out Essential Oils are 100% pure!

Our guarantee is “The Certified Bare Truth”

If it matters to you, it matters to us!

There is a saying we hear ofter, “You get what you pay for”. Sometimes this is true, but with essential oils it depends on the distributors integrity. You can pay for essential oil from a company that charges you a lot of money and still get poor quality. We have learned that to qualify to be called a “pure essential oil”, all you need is only 2% oil, and the rest can be carrier oil. You are at the mercy of your distributors, because there are no methods to qualify regulatory standards. You need to have your full trust in the company you buy from, because you health depends on it.

Why pay for a product that charges too steep a price and delivers a poor quality product? We charge you less for the oils so you can afford it. We want the world to benefit from the highest quality essential oils for the lowest price. This is dear to our heart because our father died of cancer, and we tried everything to save him. We wanted the best for him, and didn’t want to get a moderate product for him in his situation.

You need to understand your essential oil company’s diluting process. Our company DOES NOT DILUTE!  We hope to gain your trust so we can have a lifelong friend and customer.

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